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Energy Efficiency

There are clear, proven steps to reduce energy consumption in buildings, and a recognized protocol to translate these measures into the amount of energy saved.

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Paramount to reducing our carbon footprint is to reduce our energy consumption.

In certain markets, such as France Italy or Austria, a government agency can turn this saved energy into "white certificates", which are acquired by mandated buyers. Energy efficiency should be part of any CO2 emissions reduction strategy. If you have buildings in a market that supports a white certificate scheme, you will not only save money on your future power bills, but the construction work can be largely financed by the white certificates.

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How we can help

GO2 Markets is a major player on the French white certificate market and has participated in the saving of over 35 TWh of energy consumption in France. However, the methods to achieve energy efficiency are everywhere the same, and we can help you identify the best measures by implementing existing standards and setting financing strategies.

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