Energy Efficiency

Optimise your energy consumption or support energy savings by purchasing white certificates

Unlike green power and carbon offsetting, there are no regional schemes or initiatives that enable international trading. It’s up to countries and their governments to decide how they enforce energy efficiency strategies. Several countries in Europe have implemented certificate systems, such as those in place for green power, to promote energy savings at a national level. The generated certificates are known as white certificates.

For example, in France, fuel and energy providers have to compensate proportionally their sales by buying out white certificates. The government set a goal of 1.600 TWh saved for the 2018-2020 period, to finance energy efficiency for modest households in part.

Energy savings are the first step to reach carbon neutrality and play a strategic part in more sustainability to your organisation. GO2-markets helps all types of organisations to optimise their energy consumption including tech companies, real estate developers, industrials and event managers. We are active within the French white certificate market and benefit from a strong network to help fuel and energy providers meet their energy efficiency requirements.

White Certificates

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