Sustainable (adj): to uphold and defend

Located in the heart of Berlin, GO2-Markets is an agile, environmental commodities trading house offering knowledge, market insight and business agreements to assist companies achieve their environmental goals. We become an extension to your team on your journey towards sustainability.

It is really important today to demonstrate that the protection of the Environment can be profitable. It is not something that will require sacrifices from anybody, but rather something that will bring advantages, that will bring profit and job creation.

Bertrand Piccard, Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation

Our story

Founded in 2013 by a young entrepreneur with a vision to bring efficiency, transparency and passion to environmental markets. While studying, Garzay raised awareness for switching energy consumption to environmental-friendly and renewable sources, and before graduating college he started GO2-Markets. He brought energy markets together, offering unparalleled client service while forming long lasting relationships. His vision now connects producers, suppliers and consumers around the world on his quest to build together a more sustainable and peaceful world.


  • Ingenuity based on expertise

    Offering innovative and flexible solutions is our core mission. We learn, understand and share our knowledge of this ever-changing market with our clients to meet their needs.

  • Reliability

    By keeping an open and honest communication, we make sure our clients can count on us. We honor our commitments and always strive to deliver the best results consistently.

  • People First

    Be it our clients, partners or colleagues, we always put people at the forefront of our reflection and action. We care about strong, enriching relationships with our customers as much as our employees' well-being and personal growth.


Clients & Partners

We can be successful, only through the success of our clients.

Meet the team

Each client’s reasons for exploring renewable energy are unique so our team of experts take a determined approach to developing custom solutions tailored to each client’s goals and budget.


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